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June 13, 2011


By: Fe Macalma Labagnoy
One does not need to be a prolific writer to write down the attributes of a successful, beauteous and fine lady. The words simply come in and fall into their right places in her story. Her name alone, Vienna, already evokes clear images of the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.
Cristina Vienna Peralta, a true-blooded Paoayena, was born to Mr. & Mrs. Baltazar Peralta, Sr. (nee Generosa Llaguno, an elementary school teacher).  I have known her since our elementary days at Paoay Central Elementary School.  She was a standout, not only for her bearing, beauty and height but also for her vivacious personality: a reflection, even then, of her positive outlook in life. 
Vienna and I finished elementary together after having our own shares of wonderful childhood memories.  Just like the others, we also waded during recess in the floodwaters of Barangays Pambaran and San Juan, and got scolded by our teachers for doing so.  We had unforgettable days of fun together; we enjoyed endless after-class games of “tumbang preso” and “hide-and-seek” with our classmates: Dennis Catubay, Merly Atchazo, Patty Clemente, Hector Tabije, Roy Zambrano, Helen Tabije, Victor Gonzales, Minda Cabalteja, Judith Maculam, Hayle Labucay, Aida Academia, and Percy Correa, among others.
Vienna finished her secondary education at Ilocos Norte School for Craftsmen (INSC) and mine at Paoay North Institute (PNI). But our paths would cross every now and then during our growing up years, and every time, I couldn’t help but notice her turning into a young lady who was smarter, lovelier and  more statuesque  than before.
My friend Vienna went to the University of Santo Tomas (UST) for college and earned the degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1980. Not surprising at all then when she landed a lucrative job as a nurse in Saudi Arabia a year later. She even worked with a big company, Arabian- American Oil Company (ARAMCO). 
It was in Saudi Arabia where she met her loving and good-looking husband, Tyser Abu-Dayyeh, a pharmacist by profession. Not long after, Cristina Vienna Peralta became Mrs. Cristina Vienna Peralta Abu-Dayyeh and the mother of two handsome sons and a pretty daughter.
Fate had it that the Abu-Dayyehs would settle and make their mark in the United States in 1994. Vienna worked as a nurse until 1997 after which she decided to put up her own business. Tired of working on a 12-hour shift, she started with one Care Home facility which has grown into the six Care Homes she owns and manages today in Las Vegas, Nevada. With her hands, heart and mind devoted to caring for the sick and the aged, Vienna is bound to leave an indelible mark in her chosen endeavor and profession.  
Undoubtedly, Vienna shall be known as a hardworking woman with a loving heart. The frustrations and disappointments she encounters in line with her work could not, in any way, dampen her burning desire to help others. In fact, she spends most of her time managing her Home Care business in Las Vegas, Nevada even if her family is based in San Jose, California.  Proper quality time management allows her to successfully assume three concurrent roles: a devoted wife, a responsible mother and a no-nonsense entrepreneur. 
Vienna has worked her way to the top. She is the perfect epitome of sweet success attained through hard work, perseverance, dedication, determination, diligence and intelligence...and kindness of heart. A hard feat, indeed! Yet, Cristina Vienna made it!
The struggles, nonetheless, do not end here as Vienna continues to dream big not only for her profession but also for her family. She looks forward to the time when all her children are done with their studies, and are happily and securely settled with their respective careers and families.  She is one proud mom, and rightly so. Tamer, her eldest son, has already graduated from the University of California (UC) in San Diego, but still wants to pursue his master’s degree. Her second son, Amer, is in his fourth year Premed course, and aims to be a doctor. Her daughter, Tamara, is in her senior year in high school. A long way to go!
Cristina Vienna Peralta Abu-Dayyeh... her life... is, indeed, one lovely story in progress!

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